Cute 'n Colorful Pin Clutches

Created by Cute n' Colorful Collective

Cute and fun rubber pin backs for enamel pin makers and collectors!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Manufacturer Update!
18 days ago – Fri, Oct 01, 2021 at 10:23:26 PM

Hello everyone,

Our manufacturer has completed production of 80% of the designs! WHOO! Now we are just waiting for them to complete the pineapple, honey, and mini heart designs. Reminders have been sent for those who have yet to fill out their backerkit survey as well. Our estimates show the clutches will be shipping to us by the end of next month, which will put fulfillment in November. That's the best case scenario right now, as there are other factors at play, but we are firmly on track to complete fulfillment by our projected December deadline. Here is an update from the manufacturer with the designs completed so far:

These clutches have all completed production so far!

Thank you all so much once again for your support of this project!

Cute N Colorful Collective

Production Update & Pictures
about 2 months ago – Tue, Aug 24, 2021 at 08:12:38 PM

Hello everyone, 

Clutches are in production and they are about 70% finished at this point. We are still waiting on the manufacturer to send us proofs of the peach design. Here are the sample photos from the manufacturer:

Moon Backs (already in hand)
Bat & X Samples
More Samples
Monstera Color Sample

Please note, the stamp on the Moon design is raised instead of recessed as these were the first batch we had made as a test. The rest of the designs will have stamps that match the campaign mockup. We're really excited to get these Cute N Colorful Clutches out; our next update will have information about estimated shipment times from the manufacturer to us, then distribution to you!

Thank you for supporting this project,

Cute N Colorful Collective

Production Started! Info on Backerkit and UK Backers
3 months ago – Thu, Jul 29, 2021 at 06:29:35 PM

Hi everyone!   

Thank you for your patience as we get everything together for the project. We have confirmed production for all of the pieces. 

Moon Backs have finished production!

The Moon Backs, which were ordered first to reconfirm the quality of our manufacturer, have finished production! Here is an image of them! 

And now that we have them in hand, and we have checked them over, we are moving forward with making all of the designs!   

Invoice information for UK Backers 

For all of our backers who pledged to reserve a UK Tier slot, we will be reaching out to you directly once the production has finished, to send out the invoices for which rewards you wanted to reserve.   


We will be locking the backerkit surveys in the following week (7 days) from this update. (This is an extension from the previous lock date) 

Backerkit Add-on Store

For backers who had added on additional items via our Backerkit add-on store, you will be charged the following week (7 days) from this update.  

Sample Pack Pre-orders

The pre-order store is also still open if anyone you know missed out on the campaign, but still wanted to get a sample pack. The pre-order store will be closing next week.   

Your support has helped us get this far, and we're all excited to see how the rest of the pin backs turn out!  

- Cute n Colorful Pin Clutches Collective

4 months ago – Sat, Jun 19, 2021 at 08:23:04 PM


Surveys have been sent out via Backerkit, so please check your Kickstarter email for yours. Thank you to everyone who filled out the smoke test surveys so we could get these moving along! We are currently in talks with our manufacturer now that their Dragon Boat holiday has passed, and once we get 70% of our surveys in we will be able to place the order for all the designs. Here's a quick guide from Backerkit showing how to fill out the survey.  Please fill out your survey as soon as you can, the sooner we can get our final numbers the sooner we can get rewards out to you. If you know anyone who missed out on the sample packs, but would still like to get one, the link can be found to the non-backer shop here. The link will also be available on the main Kickstarter project page until the shop closes. 

Thank you everyone who helped bring this project to life! If you'd like to follow each artist's projects, follow them on social media:

Sakura Design @Mezamizu

Maple Leaf, Pineapple @Rotoodle

Moon, Monstera @Adorablush

Peach @PersicaPins

Bat, X @Catheadpins

Honeycomb, Flame @Vipi.Ink

Sprout, Lilypad @Tokuarts

Thank you all again for your support! We will continue to keep you posted with updates via Kickstarter. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us here. 

-Cute N' Colorful Clutches Collective

Smoke Test Surveys Sent!
4 months ago – Thu, Jun 17, 2021 at 03:12:22 AM

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