Cute 'n Colorful Pin Clutches

Created by Cute n' Colorful Collective

Cute and fun rubber pin backs for enamel pin makers and collectors!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Stretch Goal Survey!
6 months ago – Sun, May 02, 2021 at 09:45:06 PM

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New Tiers, Renders, Resale, and Contact Info! Oh my!
6 months ago – Fri, Apr 30, 2021 at 12:51:05 AM

Hello everyone!

Wow, we are all blown away by your support for this campaign! We are all so excited to see these pin clutches in person and send them out to you all.

This is a large update with answers to a variety of questions asked about the project. First, we'll address our most frequently received suggestion: new tiers!

NEW Tiers

You asked and we listened, the new sample tiers will offer three different levels for collectors who want it all:

  • Sample Pack: for people who want a small assortment of clutches. This tier will include 2 of each unlocked clutch design and color, including all unlocked variants.
  •  Deluxe Sample Pack: for backers who want a bit more more of each design. This tier will include 10 of each unlocked clutch design and color, including all unlocked variants.
  •  Super Sample Pack: for backers who want more of our available designs. This tier will include 20 of each unlocked clutch design and color, including all unlocked variants.

We hope these new tiers allow you to collect a large variety of clutches for your collection

Next, we have the Maker - 500 pin backs! 

For those of you who were looking for a quantity between 100 and 1000, this tier is for you!

3D Renders

Renders are for mockup purposes only, rendered details may be more defined in the 3D renders compared to the final product. The mock-ups are not completely accurate to the actual product in terms of texture, recesses, raised areas, and the handle.

Pictured below are the existing backs from Mezamizu

Sakura pin backs by Mezamizu next to standard pin post for scale

We have updated the renders on the campaign to best reflect most recent design changes.

Bulk Reselling FAQ

Thank you to the backers who sent questions, and asked for more details on the campaign's reselling policy. We agree that the original wording was confusing, and have updated the campaign to clarify our intentions regarding resale:

Our resale policy is that the pin clutches from the campaign are not to be purchased with the sole intent of mark-up resale. Our resale clause was intended to prevent wholesale suppliers or similar companies from pledging to Bulk Tiers, and reselling the pin backs at higher prices than those available in the campaign.

Backers can list extra clutches in their own shops as extras or as replacements! Makers who use these clutches may list extra clutches to sell at their own discretion.

We ask no purchase on Kickstarter be made solely for redistribution with high mark-up. Remaining clutches will be made available post-campaign by the individual designers, who may choose to produce reruns, sell stock in their shop, and retire the designs at their discretion.

You can reference the updated FAQ in the future and are welcome to reach out with specific questions to our host!

Contact Information

Thank you for all your feedback and inquiries during this amazing first 72 hours! If you have any questions, please reach out to us directly through the campaign.

Each artist is best informed on different subjects, so contacting the Kickstarter host is the best channel of communication for backers and contributors.

Please allow us two days to respond to your questions to give you the best answer, as the entire group is contributing from different time zones and may need time to confirm the correct information!


You may have seen some other designs float around the campaign and on collaborators social media, these designs are currently being proofed and will be added to the campaign next week.

Clutches not displayed in unlock order; 3D Render proofs not final

We are very excited for these new stretch goals and hope you are too!

Thank you!

Thank you everyone who is sharing this campaign and pledging to bring these designs to life!

-Cute n' Colorful Pin Clutches Collective

Second Day - Stretch Goals and New Pledges Soon
6 months ago – Fri, Apr 30, 2021 at 12:23:24 AM

Happy Wednesday everybody! We’ve had some amazing success in just the first day of this Kickstarter and we are so happy to see others wanting to bring this fantastic project to life with us! We’re excited to be bringing custom designs to not just the front, but the back of your pins too!

With all of that we wanted to continue to keep you all updated on some more tidbits we’re sure you’d love to know!

We’ve unlocked almost all of our current goals before our stretch goals! That means we’ve unlocked the Sakura clutches, Maple clutches, Moon clutches, Peach clutches, Bat clutches, and Honeycomb clutches! Following our beautiful Sprout clutches, we’ll be excited to share our stretch goals with you!

That includes different color variants as well as some more designs such as our flame clutches and more that can be seen in our promo video!

Along with that, an idea we had considered were grab bags which we originally chose to wait on based on interest and seeing as we’ve had quite a few requests and we’ve unlocked several designs now, we’ll be including that soon. We’re still working on including that reward, but it will be available soon!

Our grab bags will be a random assortment of the different unlocked clutches and is a wonderful way to get different types of clutches as a collector rather than a maker!

We’ll keep you all updated as more goals unlock, and we can’t wait to see how this project continues with all of your support!

-Cute n’ Colorful Pin Clutches Team

Incredible Start!
6 months ago – Tue, Apr 27, 2021 at 07:54:51 PM

Good morning everyone!

We’ve had such an amazing start to our project already and we are so grateful for all of your support! Thanks to our wonderful backers, we’ve already reached the first goal in under an hour! That’s amazing!

Both the pink and purple Sakura Clutches designed by Mezamizu have been unlocked and we’re excited to see the project grow even more! Next up we have the maple leaf backer designs by Rotoodle! Perfect for all of your fall exclusive pins and fall moods!

We’re so excited to bring these rubber clutches to life and can’t wait to bring more stretch goals to life as we go on!

-Cute n’ Colorful Pin Clutches Team